We’re headed to South Africa! Come join me, Jim Harmer, and a small group of Backfire fans (about 9 total in the group) for a hunting trip to South Africa that you’ll remember your entire life.

  • Dates: July 17 – 24 Still being decided
  • Nearest airport: Port Elizabeth, South Africa (Usually, you’ll fly to Johannesburg and then get on a small flight to Port Elizabeth). DO NOT buy flights yet! We’ll work together as a group to find the best flights.
  • Price: Depends on what package you choose, but you could reasonably do the whole trip including flight for $6,000 or less. The packages includes all of your meals, guiding fees (minus tip), and shooting 4 big game animals for $4,000 to $4,500. Add a flight to that and you’re ready to go. See more details on pricing here.

Who Should NOT Go on This Trip

This isn’t a joke. Please don’t go if you have the kind of personality that might make the trip not enjoyable for others. If you’re going to be up tight because you’re in a JEEP with 2 other guys for the day and the guide focuses on finding a species for another person before your turn, then please don’t come. This is going to be a super fun and collaborative hunt that we can enjoy together.

Similarly, if you’re super needy and want to email Jim 10,000 times before the trip because you’re super anxious, this probably isn’t a good trip to go on. Similarly, if you are going to become a “cruise critic” and complain about absolutely everything including the food, the flight, the person next to you, and the weather, then please don’t go. We need a FUN, KIND, RESPECTFUL, and FRIENDLY group of people to go on this trip so it’s enjoyable for everyone.

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