All of Backfire’s Courses

Learn to start reloading in the Reloading Start Course. Get on the cutting edge of data-driven precision rifle reloading in the Modern Load Development course. Know how to scope a rifle like a pro, find more elk, and become a better hunter.

You’ll get our 3 current courses, and all the courses we release in the future–all in one place, for one price.

Talk with Jim in the Community

I get about 45 comments per hour on the Youtube channel, so I can’t answer them all. But, I’m in the Backfire Plus community answering questions every day on what gun to get, reloading, best hunting units, and more. You’ll get an app on your phone so it’s easy.

Backfire’s Brand New Podcast

On Youtube, I can’t give gun “brand recommendations. I can’t tell you about any of the modifications I make to my guns to make them shoot well. The podcast is where I can say it like it is.

Banned Videos & Downloads

Youtube banned about 10% of my videos, so the videos that were “too sexy for Youtube” are now exclusively on Backfire Plus. Also, I have tons of PDF cheat sheets for reloading, scoping a rifle, precision rifle targets you can print at home, and more.

Yep! Jim participates in the community section of Backfire Plus every single weekday. We can’t guarantee he’ll comment on every single post (he’s only one person after all), but you’ll see tons of interaction with him in there. Plus, we have a great community of really knowledgeable shooters and hunters who can all help each other out and share their knowledge.

You’ll get new episodes of the podcast auto-downloaded right to your normal podcasting app on the 3rd, 13th, and 23rd of every month–rain or shine. It’s only available for members of Backfire Plus.

At launch, we have 3 complete online courses ready for you with over 5 hours of video content. Modern Load Development, Reloading Start, and Scoping a Rifle like a Pro. Plus, you have the podcast, community, banned videos, and downloads sections to enjoy as well.

Over the next few months, we’re releasing 24 Hour Elk, a course where we pick a completely random hunting unit in a random state, and film an expert hunter as he has 24 hours to get within 100 yards of an elk. Each lesson of the course shows our expert in a new location, season, and facing different challenges. Basically, we want you to know how to find elk within 24 hours with 100% success in any unit in the west.

Plus, we’ll be releasing the course 600 Yard Hunter–a course where Jim will show you how to make any 600 yard shot, from any position, with the rifle you have, in realistic hunting conditions. You’ll learn how to accurize your rifle and load, the 5 key positions for shooting in different hunting scenarios, and how to murder a milk jug (more on that last part later :-).