Antelope Shoulder Mount Taxidermy Costs (With 11 Examples)

Antelope is a delicious source of meat; however, you only get so much of it. When the meat runs out, you’ll have nothing to remember your trophy animal by. Preserve your trophy antelope as a memory by turning it into a shoulder mount.

The average cost of taxidermy for an antelope shoulder mount is $650, but prices frequently range between $500 and $800.

There are thousands of taxidermy shops operating in the United States. Before you take your trophy animal to a shop, you should research what other shops are charging. Compare the list of taxidermy shops and what they charge for antelope shoulder mounts below.

1. Full Curl Taxidermy LLC – $650

Full Curl Taxidermy LLC, a taxidermy shop in Montana City, Montana, is run by Jason Jolliff. Jolliff is a Montana native who learned to be a taxidermist while living in Wyoming.

To get an antelope shoulder mount from Full Curl Taxidermy LLC, hunters will spend $650. However, there isn’t a sales tax in Montana, so there won’t be any surprise fees at the end of the purchase.

2. Rising Phoenix Taxidermy Studio – $675

Rising Phoenix Taxidermy Studio serves the community of Lewiston, Idaho, and other towns nearby. Owner Kain Vanover and family have lived difficult lives, and, like their original studio—which burned down several years ago—they are rising from the ashes like a phoenix. 

Rising Phoenix Taxidermy Studio charges $675 for an antelope shoulder mount.

3. Nature’s Design Taxidermy – $700

Antelope are all over Wyoming. There are nearly just as many antelope as there are people in the entire state. If you harvest your antelope in Wyoming, it makes sense to get the shoulder mount there too. 

Nature’s Design Taxidermy, located in Cody, Wyoming, has several skilled taxidermists. Some prestigious museum exhibits feature pieces made at this studio.

While you probably aren’t looking for a museum-quality taxidermy piece, it’s comforting to know that your trophy animal is in good hands.

Nature’s Design Taxidermy has operated from Cody, Wyoming since 2004 and will ship your finished product anywhere in the United States (this will increase the total cost). This is the perfect option for out-of-state hunters who don’t plan on staying in Wyoming until the product finishes.

An antelope shoulder mount made by Nature’s Design Taxidermy costs $700. While this is more expensive than the other shops mentioned on the list so far, it’s well worth it in terms of quality.

4. 406 Taxidermy – $650

406 Taxidermy set up shop in Belgrade, Montana, and has experience shoulder mounting various quadrupeds. Some exciting projects include moose, caribou, mountain goats, wolves, elk, and antelope.

If you’re the type of person who likes to see their taxidermist’s work before taking your animal there, 406 Taxidermy has the solution. Take a moment to browse their showroom before deciding whether you want to take your antelope there or not.

To get an antelope shoulder mount from 406 Taxidermy, you will spend $650. However, the price increases for open-mouth mounts.

5. Idaho Knapp Trick Taxidermy – $500

Idaho Knapp Trick Taxidermy operates out of Rexburg, Idaho, and they promise their customers a quick turnaround. This could be the perfect option for out-of-staters who are only staying in the area for a short time.

An antelope shoulder mount from Idaho Knapp Trick Taxidermy costs just $500. Talk about being affordable!

Furthermore, when you purchase a mount from this shop, you could get a prize! For the 2021 pronghorn season, Idaho Knapp Trick Taxidermy gave out Knapp Trick shirts with the purchase of European mounts. Those who purchased a shoulder mount got a hat and a t-shirt with their purchase!

6. Rusty’s Taxidermy – $700

Rusty’s Taxidermy has served the community of Gillette, Wyoming since 2008. During their 14 years of operation, they have earned a reputable reputation for their taxidermy work. They have worked on mammals, birds, and even fish!

Because they have such a good reputation, you will have to pay a bit more for their work; however, the price is still on par with other taxidermy shops.

An antelope shoulder mount at Rusty’s Taxidermy costs $700.

7. Lawless Taxidermy LLC – $650

Elliston, Montana is a tiny town with less than 300 people living in it, just outside of Helena. Businesses operating within this small town include the U.S. Post Office, a gas station, a hotel, and a taxidermy shop.

Lawless Taxidermy LLC charges $650 for an antelope shoulder mount. However, they will charge you more if the mount has holes or other damage that needs repairing. Additionally, an open mouth mount costs extra.

8. Antler Addiction Taxidermy – $750

If you’ve got an addiction to antelope antlers, then Antler Addiction Taxidermy is the perfect place to get your fix. Located in American Fork, Utah, this business has experience mounting animals from North America, Africa, and other exotic locations.

You can get a shoulder-mounted antelope from Antler Addiction Taxidermy for $750. While this is the most expensive option so far, it isn’t the most expensive on this list.

9. Owl Ridge Taxidermy – $750

Owl Ridge Taxidermy charges $750 for their shoulder-mounted antelope, just like Antler Addiction Taxidermy does. Keep this in mind if you think that you’re being overcharged at a price lower than this. Most taxidermy shops sell their shoulder mounts in the $700 range.

It’s a good idea to get the cape to Owl Ridge Taxidermy—located in Laramie, Wyoming—as quickly as possible because they add a $100 fee for working on rotten animals.

10. Capp’s Taxidermy Studio – $700

It’s not often that you see a taxidermy shop list shoulder mounting an alligator as one of their services. However, Capp’s Taxidermy Studio in Anaconda, Montana, offers this and other unique, exotic mounts.

However, if you’re looking for something a little less exotic like an antelope, Capp’s Taxidermy Studio can still get the job done.

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio charges $700 for a shoulder-mounted antelope.

11. Bob’s Taxidermy – $790

Bob Luzitano, a U.S. Air Force Veteran, operates Bob’s Taxidermy in Layton, Utah. Luzitano has more than 30 years’ worth of taxidermy experience. If you’re hoping to get your antelope shoulder mount done by a professional, then Bob’s Taxidermy is the go-to shop.

Because Bob’s Taxidermy is a smaller business, it makes sense that their products will be a bit more expensive than bigger shops.

To get an antelope shoulder mount, Bob’s Taxidermy charges customers $790. This price includes Luzitano removing and cleaning the antlers before reattaching them to the mount.