Average Cost of Taxidermy for a Fish (with 21 examples)

When it comes to taxidermy, some people are a bit squeamish and don’t like the thought of it. Taxidermy is actually much more common than you think, and fish taxidermy in particular has become a huge trend among creative adults and fishermen. If you’re interested in this subject at all, you should first understand how much it costs to taxidermy a fish.

The average cost for fish taxidermy is about $15.50 per inch. The price depends on the fish’s species and size since some fish are easier to stuff than others. A fish mount can use the skin of the fish or a plaster mold as a base. Both are painted to mimic the original scales and color of a fish.

There are a few different aspects to taxidermy; the process of taxidermy can involve replicating certain types of fish, painting a fake fish, stuffing a fish, skinning a fish, mounting a fish, or freezing a fish. With so many factors that go into fish taxidermy, it’s clear why the cost can vary so much. The easiest way for you to understand the average cost of the fish taxidermy process and industry is through the following 21 real examples of all (or some) of the fish taxidermy process.

Replica vs. Skin Mounts in Taxidermy

The following video will help you to understand the difference between fish replicas and fish mounts in the taxidermy industry so that all 21 of the examples in this article will be more relevant to you.

Now that you understand a little bit more about fish taxidermy, let’s start talking numbers.

21 Real Examples of Fish Taxidermy (and Actual Cost)

The following 21 examples, most of which include videos, are intended to give you actual examples of real people performing some portion of the taxidermy of a fish. The purpose of these videos being embedded in this article is to help you get a decent idea of how much someone spends to make a fish mount or do fish taxidermy, as well as the most inexpensive ways to do so.

1. Giant Pike Taxidermy

In this video, a taxidermist demonstrates how to taxidermy a fish. This mount is made from the actual skin of the fish. The giant pike in the video was around 44.5 inches long and weighed about 25 lbs. The cost of a skin mount for a pike is usually around $11-$15 per inch, making the total cost of this fish skin taxidermy about $489-$667.

2. Brown Trout Trophy Fish Replication

After catching and photographing this brown trout, Bill and Mike’s Angling Adventures was able to have the trophy fish replicated. The original fish measured about 32.5 inches. The cost of the replica could be anywhere from $320-$520. Because it is a replica, the cost could be even more if the taxidermist is of high quality.

3. Do It Yourself (DIY) at Home Fish Taxidermy

The video below tells you how to taxidermy a fish at home.

4. Peacock Bass Replica Fish Taxidermy

BitetheBait Fishing made this video about Gray Taxidermy. It reveals the process of making replica fish. The video also explains why more fish mounts are becoming replicas due to fishing regulations. The Peacock Bass featured in the video is about 24 inches long, costing somewhere from $264-$360.

5. Striped Marlin Replica Fish Mount

This striped marlin is a replica, meaning the actual fish wasn’t used for the fish mount. It’s estimated that the weight of this marlin in real life would be around 385 lbs. At 99 inches long, the total cost comes out to $3,495. You can purchase this replica striped marlin from The Taxidermy Store.

6. Largemouth Bass Fish Skin Mount

7. Fish Habitat Reproduction and Taxidermy

This fish habitat reproduction includes a fish, a crab, and an anchor. When having taxidermy done for a small fish, many people prefer the fish to be mounted in a habitat or water scene. This scene available on Etsy costs $270, including the crab and the anchor.

8. How To Mount a Fish

9. Homemade Sunfish Mount on Etsy

This sunfish mount is made from the actual skin of the fish, foam, and glass for the eyes. Measuring about 10 inches across, the mount costs $245. Also available on Etsy, this mount is sold through Ozark Artistry.

10. How to Make a Silicone Fish Mold for Taxidermy

11. At Home Bass Taxidermy

As shown in this video, the tools that you’ll need for at-home bass taxidermy include all gadgets that you will find in most homes, including tape, scissors, a spoon, a trash bag, etc. The only thing you may not have that you’ll need to purchase to do the bass taxidermy as demonstrated in this video is fish taxidermy primer. Primer is essential to taxidermy and can be purchased for around $10-$20.

12. Brown Trout Fish Restoration Taxidermy and Skin Mount

13. Mahi Gray Replica Taxidermy

This video shows a fiberglass replica Mahi fish. After taking a picture and getting measurements, twins Amanda and Emily were able to have a life-size, life-like replica of their giant catch. At around 65 inches long, this replica saltwater fish likely cost around $650-$1040.

14. Fish Art- Fish Reproduction and Fish Mount

15. A Couple’s Successful Taxidermy Business

Watch this video for information on how much profit this couple makes through taxidermy, factoring in how much it costs to do each order.

16. PB Bass Replica Fish Mount and Taxidermy

17 . How To Freeze a Fish For Taxidermy and Mounting

Freezing a fish for taxidermy and mounting is the absolutely cost-free part of fish taxidermy. Watch this video for instructions on how to complete this part of the fish taxidermy process.

18. Advanced Fish Taxidermy in CO

19. Cost to Mount Your Own Fish At Home

Watch this video for a rundown on a realistic price to expect when doing a fish mount at home.

20. How To Skin And Mount Fish for Taxidermy

21. How To Measure Fish for Taxidermy

Measuring fish, like freezing, is cost-free. Watch this video on how to correctly complete this expense-free portion of the fish taxidermy process.