Bergara B-14 Hunter vs Bergara Premier

Bergara, a name that elicits feelings of quality and performance. The company is known as an industry leader for quality barrels, but how do the B -14 Hunter and the Premier product line compare to each other.

The B-14 Hunter was designed with affordability in mind. It is guaranteed to produce MOA accuracy with a moderate price tag. The Premier line sacrifices nothing in terms of features, but is heavier. The Premier line has an upgraded finish, stock, trigger, and more caliber options.

Bergara Premier SeriesBergara B-14 Series
416 Stainless Steel4140 CRMO Steel
Floating bolt headNo floating bolt head
Fluted boltSmooth bolt
Cerakote finishBlued finish
Hand painted stockMachine painted stock
Made in USAMade in Spain

These are both excellent rifles and, in capable hands, they can perform in their designed roll. The question is what can be expected of the economic option, compare to a top tier rifle?

The B–14 Hunter Might Leave You Asking What Else Do You Need

The B-14 Hunter is nice- it is extremely nice when you consider it costs less than $1,000! Bergara is able to offer it at this price point due to the gun being produced in Spain in a highly automated factory where their famous barrels are produced. All B-14 rifles are guaranteed to produce MOA accuracy with premium ammunition. There are reports of it performing to MOA standards with standard ammunition as well.

The action, barrel, and bolt are all made from 4140 Chromoly steel. The trigger on the B-14 Hunter is adjustable but requires the action to be removed from the stock. The bolt is one piece and requires tools to be disabled. There is a feeling of quality when you work the action. It’s not sloppy but glides smoothly. The action locks up tight without catching.

The stock is a molded glass fiber reinforced polymer, and the finish is probably the most widely shared criticism of the rifle. It’s not pretty, but it does provide good grip in less than ideal weather. Hidden under the finish are solid steel pillars to assist in world-class accuracy.

The Features

  • Weight 7.1 lbs to 7.3 lbs
  • Overall Length 41.5″ to 44″
  • Barrel Length 22″ to 44″
  • Barrel Taper No. 4
  • Finish: Matt Blued
  • Magazine Capacity: 4 standard / 3 magnum
  • Stock: American – style synthetic with SoftTouch finish
  • Scope Mount: Fits Remington 700 bases with 6-48 screws
  • Bottom Metal: Standard with Floor plate. Convertible to detachable magazine

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The Bergara Premier Line: The Answer to Everything You Could Want

The Bergara Highlander, a fine piece of engineering and staple of the Premier line.

The Premier line of rifles is exactly that, premium tools. Like any premium tool, it does come with an increase in price, but unlike some of its premium competitors, you are buying modern technology and known performance. For less than $2,000.00 you can own a stand-out rifle, with modern features, and a custom feel.

The Bergara Premier Line comes in six different configurations. Each of these configurations is designed to favor individual situations that a rifleman may seek to experience. From tack-driving bench rifles weighing in at over 10 pounds to tack-driving mountain rifles that barely break 6 pounds, one thing that doesn’t change is the accuracy.

For the sake of this comparison, we will be looking at the Highlander in the Premier line since it has some similar characteristics to the B – 14 Hunter.

In the Premier line, the action, bolt, and barrel are constructed of 416 premium stainless steel. The finish is a dark grey cerakote that blends into most backgrounds. The injection port is ever so slightly larger than the B-14 action, which Bergara claims make a difference in loading and ejecting.

The pre-drilled holes fit Remington 700 scope bases. It has a Trigger Tech trigger, which is extremely adjustable and can be modified without removing the action from the stock. The stainless bolt is fluted for weight reduction and has a non-rotating gas shield for added safety. The bolt can be disassembled without tools.

The Highlander Premier barrel has a No. 5 tapers and comes fluted for weight reduction. Barrel lengths on the Highlander range from 20” to 26”. The Highlander Barrel comes pre-threaded with 5/8-24” with an Omni Muzzle Brake.

The stock of the Highlander is Bergara’s trademarked “Grayboe” fiberglass configuration.

As previously stated these rifles come in all configurations, so if your primary use is as a long-range precision rifle you might consider checking out the other models on their web page.

The Features

  • Weight 7.3 lbs to 7.8 lbs
  • Overall Length: 38.5″ to 45″
  • Barrel Length 20″ to 26″
  • Magazine: Hinged floor plate
  • Magazine Capacity 4 standard, 3 magnum, 2 PRC calibers and 28 Nosler
  • Finish: Sniper Grey Cerakote
  • Trigger: TriggerTech with Frictionless Release Technology
  • Barrel Taper: No 5, fluted
  • Muzzle: Threaded 5/8-24″ with Omni Muzzle Brake
  • Stock: Grayboe Fiberglass
  • Scope Mounts: Fits Remington 700 Bases 8-40 screws

What Does The Competition Look Like?

In the modern market, there is a firearm to fit every situation, but few buyers are shopping for a gun to do only one specialized job. It is not hard to find the through-line of characteristics from our quality modern rifles back to the highly influential and historical Mauser and Enfield Rifles. Some companies have built on the leaps of engineering made by these inventors while others have stayed frozen in time.

The brains behind the modern Bergara rifle are a small group of Marine alumni who served as Precision Weapon Specialists. These Marines built rifles used by solders both in the field and competition around the world. The company offers this level of precision and craftsmanship to the modern civilian.

To better understand how the market at a similar price point compares to the Bergara B – 14 Hunter, check out the video below. Jim and the gang from Backfire put a group of rifles through their paces and then give their opinions on which one they would choose.