Cost of Taxidermy for Black Bear Rug (With 11 real examples)

Did you just shoot your first black bear? If so, you probably want to remember this moment by preserving the pelt with a black bear rug. However, black bear rugs can be quite expensive.

The cost of getting a taxidermy rug made from your black bear will vary greatly depending on several factors. The most common aspects influencing the price include the size of the bear and the shop where you take it. If you’re looking to get a good deal on your taxidermy black bear rug, check out the following 11 examples to see what price range you can expect.

1. Monarch Taxidermy Inc. ~ $2,500

Monarch Taxidermy Incorporated, based in Helena, Montana, specializes in working with all animal types, whether exotic or not. They also have two other locations: one in Anchorage, Alaska, and another in SeaTac, Washington. If you’re looking for some taxidermists who really know what they’re doing, then this is the place to go.

Getting a taxidermy black bear rug done at Monarch Taxidermy Inc. will cost you $2,000. This rug will leave the black bear’s head with its mouth open. However, if you need the finished product shipped to you, the price will increase. Additionally, adding a backing material or a leather edge will cost extra. In other words, give yourself a budget of $2,500 to $3,000 for your taxidermy black bear rug.

2. Hunters Choice Taxidermy ~ $1,300

Hunters Choice Taxidermy operates out of Nampa, Idaho. They cater to most North American animals, including black bears.

So long as your black bear is under six feet tall, Hunters Choice Taxidermy can turn it into a rug for just $1,300. However, if you got a black bear larger than six feet tall, the price will increase some. This price also works for rugs made from other bear species.

While Hunters Choice Taxidermy is more affordable, you can still trust the business to provide a quality product. This is proved by the 4.9 stars given by previous customers.

3. McCain Taxidermy & Foothills Taxidermy – $225 per foot

McCain Taxidermy works from Kalama, Washington. When making taxidermy black bear rugs, McCain Taxidermy charges $225 per linear foot. In other words, they charge by the standing height of the bear.

Height of Black BearPrice
4 feet$900
4.5 feet$1,012.50
5 feet$1,125
5.5 feet$1,237.50
6 feet$1,350
6.5 feet$1,462.50
7 feet$1,575

At McCain Taxidermy, you can get your black bear rug for around the same price as Hunters Choice Taxidermy.

You can get the same price down the road at Foothills Taxidermy. This shop also charges $225 per foot for black bear rugs. Located only an hour and a half away from Kalama in Carlton, Oregon, Foothills Taxidermy is an excellent choice.

4. McLagan’s Taxidermy ~ $1,750

McLagan’s Taxidermy charges one price for their taxidermy rugs, whether it is for a bear or a wild cat: $1,750. This number includes tanning, mounting, adding artificial teeth, and lining the rug with a double felt border. However, if you ask McLagan’s to skin, flesh, or wire the claws onto the bear, your price will increase.

5. Elusive Creature Taxidermy – $205 per foot

While other shops have a base price for their bear rugs, Elusive Creature Taxidermy, based in Post Falls, Idaho, charges $205 per foot. Because a good black bear is around six feet tall, you can expect to spend about $1,230 on your black bear taxidermy rug.

Take a look at the following chart to see what different heights will cost you.

Height of Black BearPrice
4 feet$820
4.5 feet$922.50
5 feet$1,025
5.5 feet$1,127.50
6 feet$1,230
6.5 feet$1,332.50
7 feet$1,435

6. Timberline Taxidermy ~ $1,150

Timberline Taxidermy produces its pieces in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their pricing seems to be on par with other taxidermy shops located in the western half of the United States.

To get an open mouth taxidermy black bear rug from Timberline Taxidermy, expect to spend about $1,150.

7. Artistic Taxidermy – $199 per foot

Artistic Taxidermy set up its shop in Portland, Oregon. Even if Artistic Taxidermy isn’t the closest taxidermy shop, it will likely be one of the most affordable. When getting a taxidermy rug made from your black bear, Artistic Taxidermy only charges $199 per linear foot.

Check out the following table to see how much your black bear rug will cost!

Height of Black BearPrice
4 feet$796
4.5 feet$895.50
5 feet$995
5.5 feet$1,094.50
6 feet$1,194
6.5 feet$1,293.50
7 feet$1,393

This cost will rise if you ask the taxidermists to skin or flesh the animal. There is an additional charge for wiring claws onto the rug.

8. Golden Ridge Taxidermy ~ $825

Golden Ridge Taxidermy, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is one of the most affordable taxidermy shops you’ll find on this list.

Golden Ridge Taxidermy offers two different black bear rug options: open-mouthed or flat. An open-mouthed taxidermy black bear rug costs $825; meanwhile, a flat taxidermy black bear rug only costs $550.

This allows hunters to choose which one better fits their budget. Even if you don’t choose the open-mouthed rug, you’ll still have a high-quality rug immortalizing your hunting experience.

9. Natural Instincts Taxidermy ~ $1,500

Natural Instincts Taxidermy operates out of Oregon City, Oregon. Their superior taxidermy black bear rugs cost a bit more than other businesses.

To get a taxidermy black bear rug from Natural Instincts Taxidermy, you’ll spend between $1,500 and $1,600.

10. Sportsmens Wildlife Taxidermy Studio – $275 per foot

Black bears don’t just reside in the western half of the United States, and if you want to get a black bear rug made in the eastern half of the U.S., then you should find a local taxidermist to see.

Sportsmens Wildlife Taxidermy Studio is located in Farmville, Virginia. While this shop is local, it is more expensive than the western shops.

Sportsmens Wildlife Taxidermy Studio charges $275 per foot. Check out the following table to see what you can expect to pay for your taxidermy black bear rug.

Height of Black BearPrice
4 feet$1,100
4.5 feet$1,237.50
5 feet$1,375
5.5 feet$1,512.50
6 feet$1,650
6.5 feet$1,787.50
7 feet$1,925

11. Cub Run Taxidermy – $750

If you’re on the east coast and need a more affordable option, then Cub Run Taxidermy should be your go-to shop. Cub Run Taxidermy only charges $750 for a black bear rug. That’s the most affordable out of this entire list!

Cub Run Taxidermy operates out of Elkton, Virginia, and has received 4.8 stars from customer reviews.