I’m Garrett Ricks, the maestro behind the lens at Backfire, where we turn everyday moments into epic tales. As the dedicated videographer for the Backfire Youtube channel, I am on a relentless pursuit to capture and craft stories that leave an indelible mark on your imagination.

Meet the Mind Behind the Camera: With a passion for storytelling and an eye for cinematic brilliance, I bring a wealth of experience to the Backfire team. Videoing and editing are not just my job; they are my art forms. Every frame, every cut, and every transition is meticulously crafted to transport you into the heart of our adventures.

Podcasting Prowess: Podcasts are a unique medium, and I take pride in not just recording but sculpting our conversations into engaging audio experiences. Join me as we dive into captivating discussions, share insights, and bring you behind the scenes of the thrilling world we explore.

Hunting and Shooting Aficionado: Beyond the confines of the studio, I am an experienced hunter and shooter, infusing our content with authenticity and passion. Whether it’s tracking elusive game in the wilderness or perfecting my aim at the range, I bring my love for the outdoors into every video.

Crafting Adventures: At Backfire, we don’t just document; we craft experiences. From adrenaline-pumping hunts to the camaraderie of the great outdoors, I strive to make each video a visual masterpiece. Join me on a journey where every shot fired and every adventure embarked upon becomes a part of your own story.

Why Backfire? Backfire is more than a channel; it’s a community of like-minded individuals seeking the thrill of the extraordinary. With a commitment to authenticity and a dash of adrenaline, we bring you content that sparks your sense of adventure.

Join the Adventure: Whether you’re a seasoned outdoors enthusiast or an armchair adventurer, there’s a place for you in the Backfire community. Come along for the ride as we blaze new trails, share captivating stories, and redefine what it means to embark on a true adventure.

So, buckle up, hit subscribe, and let’s make memories together. I’m Garrett Ricks, and this is where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Welcome to the Backfire family!