Episode 11

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Episode 11 is a Q&A episode! Here are the questions Jim covers.

Hunter Robinson – Has anyone got one of the new banish backcountry suppressors? I know it’s a bigger diameter than the banish 30 and I was wondering if anyone had problems seeing other through the scope with low mounts.

Coyote Dentist – As I evaluate my shooting technique on the bench with sandbags I have my left hand holding and adjusting the rear bag. Nothing holding the barrel end of the gun down. Do I need to? Does the bullet leave the gun and then the gun recoil or does the gun recoil and then the bullet leaves? What are your thoughts?

George Kennedy – My wife has expressed interest in hunting.  I’m wanting to take her on a deer hunt this year, but next year I’ll also take her to hunt cow elk.  What cartridge?  She’s afraid of the gun.

Anonymous – I mostly hunt whitetail, but some day I’d like to hunt an elk out west.  What do you think of the Bergara B14 HMR in 300 Win Mag for this purpose?

Cory Paris – As far and powders and primers, what are some choices that typically have better results and which ones if any should I stay away from? I’ll be loading 6.5CM and .300WM if that helps narrow it down. 

Cory Paris I’m in the market for a reloading scale.  I will most likely buy a scale and hand trickler, but does a more expensive scale really matter than much if they’re all at a .1 grain accuracy?

Jack Soffstall – Do you purchase travel insurance for hunting or fishing trips? Some of these are getting expensive and you have to book so far in advance that I am seriously considering purchasing insurance. Thanks!

Jeff Simpson – How often do I need to clean a 22 pistol?

Hal Gilbert – Tough choice ahead of me.  I can spend about $1,200 total on a rifle and scope.  Do I go with a cheaper rifle and more expensive scope, or vice versa?  

Hunter Robinson – Jim do you prefer silencer central or silencer shop?

Alex Romero – I know you’ve probably been asked a lot of times, but I’m stuck between 308 and .30-06.  I may hunt elk at some point, but I don’t shoot over 200 yards.