Episode 12

The Backfire Mancast is only available for Backfire Plus members. In today’s episode, we dive into the nitty gritty details of MOA vs MIL for scopes. Here are a few notes and numbers from the episode in case it was too much math to listen to.

MOA is 85% of the US market

Competition scopes tend to MRAD

Military MRAD

Outside USA still likes MOA if watching lots of hunting vids

People say 1MOA accuracy, not 1MIL


Minutes of Angle

360 degrees.  We know what a 90 degree turn is.

60 minutes in each degree

21,600 minutes in a total circle 

But then 1 MOA is divided into 4 quarters

1 MOA is 1.047” at 100 yards (1/3 of pi)


WWI times is when it was invented

6.3 chunks and 1,000 mils in each radian

6,280 mils in a circle

.1 mil is 1cm at 100 meters, or .36”

1 MOA is roughly 1” at 100 yards.  .1 mil is 1cm at 100 meters

1 mil is 1 meter at 1000 meters

1 mil is 1 inch at 1000 inches

1 mil is 1 yard at 1000 yards

1 MOA click is .26” at 100 yards

1 MIL click is .36” at 100 yards

4 clicks to 1” on MOA – 1.047”

3 clicks to 1” on MIL – 1.08”

Easier to say 5.9 MIL than 20.75 MOA

MOA is not more like the imperial system.