Highest BC 6.5mm (.264 caliber) Bullets: A comparison chart

6.5 Creedmoor case, gun powder, and a bullet

If you’re like me, ballistic coefficient is one of the first things you look at when determining what bullet you want to shoot. Ballistic coefficient (BC) is critical to giving your bullet the ability to buck the wind and not lose speed during flight, which impacts the trajectory.

The highest BC 6.5mm bullet is the 150gr Sierra MatchKing, followed by the 153gr Hornady A-Tip and the 145gr Barnes Match Burner. The highest BC 6.5mm bullet for hunting is the 156gr Berger EOL Elite Hunter.

If you’re new to ballistics, “BC” is short for “ballistics coefficient.” It is a number representing how well a bullet will continue its speed without slowing down. Heavier and sleeker bullets have a higher BC than un-aerodynamic and light bullets. The higher the BC number, the better the bullet will be at maintaining its speed out at a distance.

I have compiled a table of the highest-BC 6.5mm bullets below. All of the ballistic coefficient numbers are on the G1 scale since very few of the bullet makers report both the G1 and the G7. Remember that these numbers are as reported by the bullet manufacturer. Some of them get a little… creative with the BC (ballistic coefficient) numbers that they report.

You won’t find all of these bullets in factory loads, so most of this information is for handloaders.

BulletG1 BCPurpose
150gr Sierra MatchKing0.713Match
153gr Hornady A-Tip0.704Match
145gr Barnes Match Burner0.703Match
147gr Hornady ELD-Match0.697Match
153.5gr Berger Long Range Hybrid Target0.694Match
156gr Berger EOL Elite Hunter0.679Hunting
140gr Nosler RDF HPBT0.658Match
144gr Berger Long Range Hybrid Target0.655Match
140gr Hornady ELD-Match0.646Match
140gr Speer Impact0.646Hunting
135gr Hornady A-Tip0.637Match
150gr Nosler Accubond Long Range0.634Hunting
142gr Nosler Accubond Long Range0.625Hunting
143gr Hornady ELD-X0.625Hunting
140gr Berger VLD Target0.612Match
140gr Berger Hybrid Target0.607Match
140gr Berger Elite Hunter0.606Hunting
140gr Berger VLD Hunting0.600Hunting
142 Sierra MatchKing0.595Match
140gr Berger Target0.592Match
140gr Barnes Match Burner0.586Match
135gr Berger Classic Hunter0.584Hunting
130gr Sierra MatchKing0.584Match
139gr Lapua Scenar0.578Match
130gr Swift Scirocco0.571Hunting
130gr Berger VLD Target0.552Match
130gr Berger VLD Hunting0.552Hunting
144gr Sierra MatchKing0.550Match
121gr Lehigh Defense Match Solid0.538Match
140gr Sierra MatchKing0.535Match
130gr Federal Terminal Ascent0.532Hunting
129gr Accubond Long Range0.530Hunting
140gr Hornady SST0.520Hunting
130gr Sierra Tipped MatchKing0.518Match
130gr Sierra Gamechanger0.510Hunting
123gr Sierra MatchKing0.510Match
123gr Nosler Custom Competition Hollow Point0.510Match
123gr Hornady SST0.510Hunting
140gr Nosler Accubond0.509Hunting
140gr Speer Hot-Cor Spitzer0.498Hunting
140gr Federal Fusion0.497Hunting
120gr Nosler E-Tip0.497Hunting
140gr Sierra GameKing0.495Hunting
140gr Nosler Partition0.490Hunting
130gr Nosler AccuBond0.488Hunting
120gr Hornady ELD-Match0.486Match
129gr Hornady Interbond0.485Hunting
129gr Hornady SST0.485Hunting
108gr Lapua Scenar0.478Match
127gr Barnes LRX0.468Copper Hunting
140gr InterLock0.465Hunting
120gr Barnes Match Burner0.460Match
Nosler Ballistic Tip Spitzer BT0.458Hunting
107gr Sierra Tipped MatchKing0.455Match
120gr Berger Target0.453Match
125gr Nosler Partition0.449Hunting
129gr Hornady Interlock0.445Hunting
107gr Sierra MatchKing0.430Match
120gr Hornady CX0.428Copper Hunting
105gr Sierra BlitzKing0.425Varmint
120gr Barnes TTSX0.412Copper Hunting
130gr Barnes TSX0.411Copper Hunting
110gr Lehigh Defense Match Solid0.405Match
140gr Swift A-Frame0.401Hunting
115gr Barnes Tac-TX0.387Law Enforcement
130gr Sierra GameKing0.375Hunting
95gr Hornady V-Max0.365Varmint
100gr Sierra MatchKing0.361Match
100gr Barnes TSX0.359Copper Hunting
120gr Sierra Pro Hunter0.356Hunting
90gr Nosler Varmageddon0.350Varmint
90gr Speer TNT Varmint0.281Varmint
100gr Sierra Varminter0.259Varmint