Highest BC 7mm (.284 caliber) Bullet Comparison Chart

Many shooters choose 7mm cartridges for the potential of incredibly high BC bullets. I count myself among them, and I think the market for high ballistic coefficient bullets will likely explode with the release of the new Hornady 7mm PRC.

Ballistic coefficient makes a tremendous difference in downrange ballistics. Hunters who choose a 195 Berger EOL hunting bullet compared to a 140gr Nosler Accubond–even if both bullets are shot at 2,800fps– would see 6″ less drop and 8″ less wind drift at 500 yards.

I’ve put together a convenient table of the highest BC bullets on the market. I’m sure I didn’t get everything, but these are some of the most popular options.

The highest-BC 7mm match bullet is the 190gr Hornady A-Tip Match, and the highest-BC 7mm hunting bullet is the 195gr Berger EOL Elite Hunter. The 7mm caliber offers some of the highest BC bullets on the market.

BulletG1 BCPurpose
190gr Hornady A-Tip Match0.838Match
180gr Hornady ELD-Match0.796Match
197gr Sierra MatchKing HPBT0.78Match
195gr Berger Extreme Outer Limits (EOL) Elite Hunter0.755Hunting
190gr Berger Long Range Hybrid Target0.751Match
185gr Nosler RDF0.719Match
183gr Sierra MatchKing0.713Match
184gr Berger F-Open Hybrid Target0.695Match
175gr Hornady ELD-X0.689Hunting
180gr Berger Very Low Drag (VLD) Target0.683Match
180gr Berger Hybrid Target0.68Match
180gr Berger Very Low Drag (VLD) Hunting0.673Hunting
162gr Hornady ELD-Match0.67Match
180gr Sierra MatchKing0.66Match
180gr Lapua Scenar-L0.66Match
175gr Berger Elite Hunter0.656Hunting
175gr Nosler Accubond0.648Hunting
171gr Barnes Match Burner0.645Match
166gr Hornady A-Tip Match0.644Match
162gr Hornady ELD-X0.63Hunting
168gr Berger Very Low Drag (VLD) Target0.628Match
168gr Berger Very Low Drag (VLD) Hunting0.618Hunting
168gr Nosler Accubond Long Range0.616Hunting
165gr Sierra GameChanger0.61Hunting
175gr Sierra MatchKing0.608Match
160gr Sierra Tipped MatchKing0.6Match
155gr Federal Terminal Ascent0.586Hunting
150gr Hornady ELD-X0.574Hunting
168gr Berger Classic Hunter0.566Hunting
168gr Barnes LRX BT0.55Hunting
162gr Hornady SST0.55Hunting
150gr Nosler Accubond Long Range0.546Hunting
150gr Sierra GameChanger0.545Hunting
175gr Federal Fusion0.537Hunting
175gr Sierra GameKing0.533Hunting
160gr Nosler Ballistic Tip0.531Hunting
160gr Nosler Accubond0.531Hunting
154gr Hornady InterBond0.525Hunting
154gr Hornady SST0.525Hunting
168gr Nosler HPBT Custom Competition0.52Match
160gr Federal Trophy Bonded Tip0.52Hunting
160gr Speer Boat-Tail0.519Hunting
175gr Nosler Partition0.519Hunting
150gr Swift Scirocco 20.515Hunting
162 Hornady InterLock0.514Hunting
140gr Berger Very Low Drag (VLD) Hunting0.51Hunting
150gr Berger Classic Hunter0.505Hunting
160gr Speer Hot-Cor0.504Hunting
150gr Nosler Expansion Tip0.498Copper Hunting
150gr Nosler Accubond0.493Hunting
150gr Nosler Ballistic Silver TIp0.493Hunting
150gr Nosler Ballistic Tip0.493Hunting
175gr Swift A-Frame0.493Hunting
140gr Nosler Expansion Tip0.489Copper Hunting
168gr Sierra MatchKing0.488Match
145gr Barnes LRX BT0.486Hunting
139gr Hornady InterBond0.486Hunting
139gr Hornady SST0.486Hunting
140gr Nosler Ballistic Silver Tip0.485Hunting
140gr Nosler Ballistic Tip0.485Hunting
140gr Nosler Accubond0.485Hunting
160gr Nosler Partition0.475Hunting
145gr Speer Boat-Tail0.472Hunting
139gr Barnes LRX BT0.47Hunting
175gr Hornady InterLock0.462Hunting
150gr Nosler Partition0.456Hunting
150gr Hornady CX0.455Hunting
160gr Sierra GameKing0.455Hunting
160gr Federal Fusion0.455Hunting
139gr Hornady InterLock BTSP0.453Hunting
150gr Barnes TTSX BT0.45Hunting
160gr Swift A-Frame0.45Hunting
175gr Speer Grand Slam0.436Hunting
140gr Nosler Partition0.434Hunting
154gr Hornady InterLock0.433Hunting
140gr Federal Trophy Bonded Tip0.430Hunting
139gr Hornady CX0.429Hunting
150gr Sierra MatchKing0.429Match
175gr Barnes TSX FB0.417Hunting
120gr Nosler Ballistic Tip0.417Hunting
145gr Speer Hot-Cor0.416Hunting
140gr Sierra GameKing SPBT0.416Hunting
140gr Federal Fusion.416Hunting
140gr Barnes TTSX BT0.412Hunting
150gr Barnes TSX BT0.408Hunting
140gr Barnes TSX BT0.394Hunting
160gr Barnes TSX FB0.392Hunting
139gr Hornady InterLock SP0.392Hunting
160gr Speer Grand Slam0.389Hunting
110gr Speer TNT Jacketed Hollow Point0.384Varmint
110gr Speer TNT Hollow Point0.384Varmint
130gr Speer Boat-Tail0.384Hunting
160gr Sierra GameKing0.384Hunting
120gr Barnes TTSX BT0.373Hunting
130gr Speer Hot-Cor0.368Hunting
120gr Hornady V-Max0.365Hunting
145gr Speer Grand Slam0.353Hunting
120gr Barnes TSX BT0.349Hunting
120gr Sierra Pro-Hunter0.328Hunting
120gr Hornady FTX0.32Hunting
110gr Barnes TTSX BT0.319Hunting
100gr Sierra Varminter0.209Varmint

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  1. Hello, I love your channel and content, I am looking into getting a .30 cal suppressor. I’m looking at the Nosler SR-30 TI/AlTi (either, or) or the Silencer Central Banish 30. You seem so knowledgeable and I wanted to know your thoughts. I have a AR10 and am wanting a 7mm PRC in the future as a well rounded hunting gun.

    1. Jim Harmer says:

      Both of those are good options. I like lightweight 6” suppressors for hunting. My favorite so far is the dead air nomad but I haven’t tried that many models.

  2. Lonnie Cox says:

    I think you have an amazing channel!! I am thinking of building a lightweight hunting rifle. I will be hunting anything from deer to Elk in Wyoming. What are your thoughts on the old 284 Winchester?
    Thanks for your great work.
    L. Cox

    1. Jim Harmer says:

      It’s a good choice. Why 284 inches nstead of a 7 mag?

  3. John Rambo says:

    Alco makes some crazy aerodynamic bullets, too. Checkem.

    195 gr 0.85 BC bullets in .284

  4. Ron L. Lowney says:

    Dear Jim, I thought you may want to know about Lost River Bullets, out of Arco, Idaho! Their solid copper/bronze machine groomed 7mm J-36 bullet in the 140 grain has a B.C. of 0.644 and a 160 grain of 0.715! For the J-40 bullet, it has a B.C. of 0.778! I used to use them back in the 1990’s and then they started making them for our military snipers! I believe they are a Women owned company too? Just thought you would be interested? Happy Hunting!

  5. Hello! Great post, glad I found this. I have a correction on the 140 grain Berger VLD, that should be g1 BC of 0.51 on MidwayUSA and 0.5 on Berger’s site. Love the channel and this site is great too. Thanks!

    1. Jim Harmer says:

      Thank you. I accidentally wrote down the g7 on that one. I updated the post to fix this.

  6. With the higher BC pills in the 7mm. How would you compare the rem mag to the 6.5prc. Looking for the best all around hunting gun and something to shoot steal with.

    1. Jim Harmer says:

      I prefer the 7 mag for elk. For deer, I prefer the light recoil of the 6.5 prc so you can spot your impacts.