Hunt Prep, CDS Dials, Testosterone, and Shooting 1,000 Yards

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Steve Martin – I’m wanting to do a dope chart for a few of my rifles. I have a Leupold CDS dialed in for my main hunting rig. I’m starting this hunting season with hunting suppressed. I’m going out this weekend to see where POI is landing now that it is suppressed. I will not have time to have a new CDS dial made so I want to figure out the D.O.P.E chart. I have a limited understanding of what it takes do make one and hope that someone could spell it out for me. 

Ballistics Bros – I’m trying to get precise data for my CDS dial.  So far I’ve chrono’d 25 rounds averaging   out of my Tikka 308. Should I shoot more for a more precise average?


CreedMan – I have a muzzleloader tag this year and I’ve never even shot a muzzleloader.  I only have a couple weeks before the hunt begins.  Can you give me just a quick primer on how this all works?

Jake – I have never taken a hunting shot over 200 yards.  I really have very little experience shooting long range, but the area I’m hunting is big and open with definite opportunities for a 500 yard shot.  I have a scope with a dialing turret, but how do I get accurate numbers for what to dial?  Every app I use gives me different numbers.

Jeff – I completely struck out on getting a tag for hunting out west this year.  What can I do next time to make sure I get something?  I don’t even care if it’s a good tag or not.