We at Backfire like showing great products to our audience that we think they may like, and we enjoy supporting great companies in our industry. There are two ways to work with Backfire, (1) Purchase an ad on the Backfire Youtube Channel (click here for info on advertising), or (2) Send in a product with no strings attached and hope we mention it on the channel.

By sending a product to Backfire LLC, you agree to the following terms: (1) You release Backfire LLC and its employees, owners, members, and representatives from defamation and/or libel claims for any good-faith statement made by the company or its representatives as it mentions or talks about your product, service or company. (2) You understand and agree that Backfire LLC will become the new owner of the item(s) you send us, and it will not be returned to you.

Rules for Sending In Products

  • We never send back products that are sent to Backfire, because (1) It increases liability for us, (2) As a practical matter I can’t go to the post office to mail four things each day, (3) We often intentionally damage products in order to provide a review on the durability of the product, and (4) Keeping the product means we can mention it in future videos for free if we like the product.
  • Know that we will give the product an honest review. Just because you sent a free holster doesn’t mean I’m going to like it. If you aren’t confident in your product, don’t send it because I’m going to review it honestly. I certainly wouldn’t want to bad-mouth a good company, but if it’s junk, I’m going to tell my audience it’s junk.
  • We don’t guarantee your product will get featured on the channel. Multiple times a day, I receive flashlights, holsters, guns, bullets, and other items from companies. An item like an expensive scope or a gun will ALWAYS be talked about on the channel, but don’t have an unrealistic expectation that I’m going to dedicate a video to review the cheap flashlight you sent me. If you’re sending a product without any payment to Backfire, you’re hoping I like it enough to talk about it.

How Backfire May Feature Your Product on the Channel

When we get a cool or noteworthy product sent it, we’re eager to show it to our audience. There are many ways your product may get a free mention on Backfire.

  • The “Doodad of the Week” segment – In may of our videos, we share one cool product at the end of a video. Here’s an example of a product a company sent us with no strings attached. We thought it was cool, and shared it out.
  • A review of a product – Sometimes a particular product may be interesting enough to the audience to warrant a direct review. Companies usually want me to do a review, but often they get more views if I pick an interesting topic and then just mention their product within that other video. Reviews of some products just don’t get many views.
  • An organic mention of a product – Sometimes I’ll mention a product where it’s related to something else in the video. Here’s an example of where I’ve done that.
  • An unboxing – Sometimes we do a “mailbag” segment where we open up boxes of products that companies send in, and do an unboxing where we talk about the item. Some companies get really creative in what they include in the box to make it interesting. If you’d like us to use a product in an unboxing that you think is particularly fun or creative, write “unboxing” on the outside of the package.

How to Send a Product to Backfire

Mail the product to:
Backfire LLC
1306 Bella Rosa Drive
St George, Utah 84790

My FFL for sending firearms:
Dixie Gun and Fish
1088 E Tabernacle St, St. George, UT 84770
(435) 674-4008