Springfield 2020 Waypoint: An owner’s unbiased review

Being the first real bolt action hunting rifle offered by Springfield Armoury the 2020 Waypoint has more than exceeded expectations, to say the least. With excellent and well-thought-out features the 2020 Waypoint has quickly become a favorite of mine and continues to impress. If this rifle wasn’t on your radar it sure will be now.

Undoubtedly the best rifle in its price range, the Springfield 2020 Waypoint has simply been designed to exceed expectations and perform flawlessly. Packed full of features that hunters and sportsmen alike will enjoy this rifle sets a new benchmark in the hunting industry.

In this review, I used my own 2020 Waypoint chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor with the carbon fiber barrel and fixed position stock. I have been able to shoot several rounds through this rifle and have even taken it to competition while preparing for this review. I will be covering many of the different features that this rifle offers as well as its comparison to other rifles of similar price on the market today.

Stock Ergonomics

The stock of the Springfield 2020 Waypoint comes from AG Composites and is a full carbon fiber stock that comes in at 31 oz. This stock is AG Composites Alpine Hunter stock that is extremely popular for custom-built rifles for both hunting and target rifles.

This stock comes with a high comb and vertical grip that brings it into the next generation of precision hunting rifles. With the option of an adjustable comb, at the cost of some added weight, this stock offers a very comfortable cheek position when in firing position.

The for-end of the rifle is a flat bottom with mounts for a bi-pod. The flat base of the stock helps with positioning on sandbags and also works well in the backcountry if you need to shoot off of your backpack.

The 2020 Waypoint has the option of an adjustable cheek comb however my rifle does not have this addition and for someone that prefers having the adjustability in cheek positioning, I would add that this function isn’t necessary for the 2020 Waypoint. With the standard fixed position stock, my eye lines up extremely well with my optic with good downward pressure for consistent shot-to-shot results.

Built For Carbon

The barrel of the 2020 Waypoint comes in either fluted steel or a carbon-fiber-wrapped barrel. For my rifle, I chose the carbon fiber wrapped barrel and with that, I believe wholeheartedly that this rifle was built for a carbon barrel.

My barrel is built by BSF Carbon Barrels and performs exceptionally. This barrel is a fluted steel barrel with carbon fiber wrapping for rigidity. The barrel has taken multiple brands of ammunition with the promise of a .75 MOA guarantee from Springfield.

In fact, the only time I was unable to achieve the .75 MOA accuracy guarantee was with one particular brand of ammunition that the rifle just didn’t group well with being the Barnes Precision Match in 140grain. Besides that one brand that did not agree with the rifle, I achieved groups of .578 inches up to .776 inches with other brands of ammunition.

Precision Action

The action of the 2020 Waypoint is well designed and fitted for this rifle. With a fluted bolt for reduced weight and a tight-fitting smooth action, this action is exceptional. This action utilizes the footprint of a Remington model 700 with added features from Springfield to give this action the custom feel.

Notably, the action features an enlarged ejection port and one-piece machined recoil lug. Electrical discharge machining is used to ensure precise dimensions of the bolt lug raceways giving it that smooth cycle feel.

Build and Price

To reiterate my personal 2020 Waypoint I have the standard nonadjustable stock with carbon fiber wrapped barrel chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. This rifle comes in at 6 pounds 12 ounces and has a price of $1899.

With the options available the standard 2020 Waypoint has an MSRP of $1699. This will be with the standard nonadjustable stock and stainless fluted barrel. (standard barrel adds 7 ounces of weight)

The adjustable stock adds some extra 12 ounces of weight and cost of $125 (MSPR) making it in my opinion not necessary for this rifle to perform.

The carbon fiber-wrapped barrel will save you 7 ounces of weight and costs an extra $575 (MSRP). This however in my opinion is a must-have for the Waypoint and really finishes off the rifle exceptionally well.


I have heard in other reviews of the 2020 Waypoint that some people were experiencing reduced accuracy when the barrel heated up. My rifle however has not shown to have any problems managing heat and has held exceptional accuracy even when hot.

The only true concern with the 2020 Waypoint that I can see is the fact that it has been released with a limited number of cartridge options. Unfortunately, this is becoming an unwanted trend in recent years between several rifle manufacturers. The 2020 Waypoint is only offered in .308, 6MM Creedmoor, 6,5 Creedmoor, and 6.5 PRC.

Looking at my personal 2020 Waypoint the biggest thing that I would change is to have it chambered in 6.5 PRC over the Creedmoor. Just for the added velocity and really the added versatility of the PRC over the Creedmoor.


When comparing the 2020 Waypoint against other rifles of similar price point the Waypoint just keeps coming up ahead.

Looking at rifles such as Brownings X-Bolt Pro with its reliable action and respectable accuracy the Waypoint has the upper edge on the accuracy and stock ergonomics making it more preferred to myself.

When comparing the Waypoint to the Fierce Carbon Rival the Waypoint comes in at a better price point and I prefer the stock of the Waypoint over my own Fierce rifle.

I have been asked to do a review or even a comparison of the Christensen ridge line against Springfield’s Waypoint however I know personally this is not going to be a rifle that I will enjoy. With very basic stock features and below-average quality control, I would pick the Waypoint without hesitation.

When looking at the Springfield 2020 Waypoint I continue to be impressed by the ergonomics of the stock and overall feel of the rifle. At this price point of $1600 to $2500, the Waypoint simply destroys its competition making me choose it over and over again. With some additional calibers, I believe this rifle could be a favorite for years to come.