What Rifle Does Remi Warren Shoot?

Remi Warren like many of the popular TV, social media, podcast hunters of the day is a great resource when it comes to becoming a successful hunter. His solo pursuits are inspirational and his success is enviable. Knowing this, what rifle is Remi using to achieve his hunting success.

Remi Warren currently shoots a Sako rifle, but has shot many other rifles over the years. Remi has used both a Sako 85 as well as the new Sako 20 rifles for his recent hunting adventures. Before he began being sponsored by Sako, he shot rifles of many different makes.

Let’s take a look at these fine rifles and some of the other rifles Remi has used in the past. Besides Sako Remi has used Christen Arms rifles. Some of his favorite calibers have been the 7mm Rem Mag, the 6.5 Creedmoor, and the 300 WSM cartridges.

The Sako S20 rifle is fairly new to the market and brings with it some excellent features. The S20 provides the shooter with a highly modular system, that maintains is excellent accuracy. The S20 all the shooter to change between a highly ergonomic thumbhole hunter stock and a high precision adjustable target rifle. To change the stock and fore grips only simple tools and a few minutes are required. The Action is V block bedded to an internal full length aluminum chassis of sorts. The stock and fore ends connect to this chassis so even when changing our the features the action remains solid.

The Sako S20

The Sako S20 comes with a match-grade cold-hammer-forged barrel. The barrel is fluted and threaded and has cerakoting options. M-Lok attachment points are provided for additional accessories such as a barricade stop or monopod on the precision rifle stock. Both the hunting and precisions stocks have quick-detach sling points. Both have adjustable cheekpieces for a perfect cheek weld and both boast adjustments in the butt for a perfect length of pull.

The magazine of the S20 supports longer-than-spec bullet seating to help handloaders with today’s ELD style of bullets. The trigger has two methods of adjustment. One allows the placement of the trigger to be moved forward or back for ideal and most comfortable finger placement. The trigger pull weight is also adjustable from 2-4 lbs. The trigger can be either configured as a single state or a two-stage trigger when the rifle is ordered. The bolt is a three-lug design for a low bolt throw angle, and the bolt handle is detachable to accommodate different bolt handle styles. The S20 is a highly configurable option that will provide years and years of accurate shooting. The S20 is available in 8 caliber offerings.

The Sako 85

The Sako 85 is a classic European-styled bolt action rifle. A controlled round feed bolt is paired again with a match-grade cold-hammer-forged barrel. Available in several configurations with either synthetic, laminate, wood, or carbon fiber stocks the S85 has a rifle for everyone. Stainless, blued or high polish blued barrels with safari sights make the S85 ready for any hunting adventure anywhere in the world. The Stainless detachable magazine can be loaded through the ejection port or removed. Sako patented their total control latch to make sure your magazine doesn’t accidentally get dropped while out hunting. Like the S20 the trigger is adjustable from 2-4 lbs. The Sako 85 is currently available in 30 caliber offerings. from 22 LR all the way up to 500 Jeffery, there is caliber for every hunter.

Christensen Arms

Christensen Arms is a favorite of many professional hunters. Whether it’s the classic steel barreled Mesa or the carbon fiber Ridgeline, Christensen Arms has been popularizing the carbon fiber barrel market. Professional love Christensen’s attention to detail, extreme accuracy and lightweight. Christensen Arms guarantees their rifles for sub-moa accuracy, with higher-end models boasting half-MOA accuracy. Utilizing the finest materials and tight tolerances these rifles are built to provide a lifetime of accurate shooting. While their carbon fiber barrels are the thing that really set their rifles apart, even the Mesa with its steel barrel is a fine and accurate rifle. Handling a Christensen Arms rifle it is no wonder that Remi was using them earlier in his hunting career.

For those doing a lot of back-country hunting, the Ridgeline is for you. The carbon fiber barrel keeps the weight down and the rest of the rifle is top-notch. All their models have threaded barrels for taming those magnums’ recoil while using a lightweight rifle. The barrels are free-floated and the chambers are cut to match specifications. Christensen barrels are button rifled and hand lapped for match accuracy. Utilizing Remington 700 pattern action makes getting rings easy and all Trigger Tech triggers make for a great trigger that needs no adjustment. Stocks come in a variety of color options are carbon fiber composites that are stiff, but ultra-lightweight.

Tika T3x

It seems you can hardly look at a rifle comparison without the Tika T3x landing in a top spot. The Tikka T3x is available in 19 different base configurations there is a Tika T3x for just about any hunter out there. From brush hunting to precision shooting the Tika T3x can handle the job. Available in a wide variety of calibers the Tike T3x is ready for your next hunting adventure in North America or in Africa. The Tikka T3x Lite is likely the most popular version. Coming in at only about 6.5 lbs the rifle is incredibly lightweight for the price. At 749.99 at most major retailers at the time of this article, you’ll be hard-pressed to find many other rifles as well regarded and light as the Tika for the same amount of money. Stocks are available in a variety of colors and have been upgraded with a more tactile and grippy feel. Chances are if Remi was using this rifle in the past its a worthy buy if you can’t afford the other fine rifles he’s been using. You can check out a review of this rifle on the backfire YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/NPDJhqZP7Gw

Which of Remi’s rifles would you want to use on your next hunting adventure? Leave a comment and let us know!