5 Reliable Spots for Hunting Hogs in Alabama

Curious about hunting feral hogs in Alabama? Tired of hunting deer, duck, or turkey, and wanting a larger challenge? Want to take a hog hunting trip, but don’t know the best places to hunt? Below are the best places in Alabama to hunt feral hogs, as well as some tips and advice to make your hunting trip a success.

With no known natural predators, a voracious appetite, and the ability to breed quickly, feral hogs are an invasive species to the American South. Hogs prey on native reptiles, deer, and other mammals, erode natural watershed areas, and uproot native plant species, making them one of the most destructive invasive species in the country.

As of 2021, they are found in all counties in Alabama, and most counties in Southern states. This means that your chances for a successful hog hunt are high, if you know where to look. If executed properly, there is a good chance that you will be able to dispatch a hog on your first trip.

Having been introduced originally by Hernando de Soto and his explorers, feral hogs are considered a nuisance animal with highly destructive properties. As a result, they have caused vast amounts of property damage within the South and have become a battle for farmers and private landowners alike. This has resulted in a year-round hunting season for wild hogs.

Wild boar, sus scrofa, digging on a meadow throwing mud around with its nose. Dynamic wildlife image of hog damaging ground while looking for a food.

They are destructive, aggressive, highly intelligent, and strong, making them a challenge for even the most seasoned hunter. Their reproduction rate makes it difficult to keep the population under control. In recent years, hog hunting has drawn eager hunters from all over the country. Hopefully, with the tips and locations below, you can find success while hog hunting in Alabama, and be safe while doing so.

Traces of wild boar on a forest road. The place where the pack of wild boars stay in the forest. Spring season.

*Quick note: all maps were clipped from google maps. By virtue of trimming for correct proportions their water mark was cropped out. We want to give them full credit though!*

Eufaula, Alabama:

50 miles north of Dothan and 85 miles east of Montgomery, Eufaula is a haven to hog hunters from all over the country. So much so that Lee Sells Outfitters (https://leesellsoutfitters.com/)  located in Eufaula, hosts hunters all over the country and has multiple tracts of land in which you can book a hunt. They have expert hunting guides available to give you tips for success, and they welcome all levels of experience. They also offer deer, turkey, and elk hunts.  They have no bag limit.

Vredenburgh, Alabama:

About an hour and a half south of Montgomery is the town of Vredenburgh, Alabama. There, you can contact Red Road Outdoors (https://redroadoutdoors.com/) to organize a hog hunt. They have no bag limit and do have someone available for cleaning and quartering your harvested game. As a bonus, Red Road Outdoors also has deer hunting available for hunters in deer season.

Butler, Alabama:

At Pushmataha Plantation in Butler, Alabama, (https://alahunt.com/services/) you can hunt hogs with no bag limit. Lodging is available, and they have a depredation permit which means that you can hunt at night. Butler, Alabama is an hour south of Montgomery, Alabama and boasts some of the highest populations of feral hogs within the state, guaranteeing a chance at success. They also offer turkey and deer hunts, and special event rentals.

Waterloo, Alabama:

With one amazing hunting lodge, Waterloo Lodge, located in the heart of the town in Alabama, there has been an explosion of the feral hog population. Waterloo, located in Eastern Lauderdale County, is a small town on the Tennessee River that is known for its deer and turkey hunting and fishing, and has recently become known for its hog hunting as well. Your best bet is to contact one of the hunting clubs in that area or a private landowner, as many hunts are word-of-mouth in Lauderdale County. About an hour west of the town of Florence, it is rural enough for hunters of all skill levels.

Union Springs, Alabama:

Located in Bullock County in South Alabama near Montgomery, Black Creek Plantation (http://blackcreekhunting.com/alabamahoghunting.html) boasts another great place to hunt hogs. They offer 1, 2, or 3 day hunts, as well as annual memberships. As a bonus, they also offer deer and turkey hunting, and fishing, too.

Final Considerations:

When hunting hogs in Alabama, it is best to hunt from February to May, when it doesn’t get as hot and the mosquitos aren’t as prevalent. However, because hogs are considered a nuisance animal, they are legal to hunt all year round. The summer months, especially in South Alabama, can be particularly hot and humid, so make sure to stay hydrated and dress appropriately.